Business Data API

Business data are custom fields that can be associated with the call's metadata. Using the Business Data API, you can update the values for the existing business data fields for any closed interactions. You cannot add new business data fields using this API. This API works alongside the MCR META DATA action in Studio. This action lets you send interaction data for a single contact during live interactions.

The Update Business Data API is available in the DEVone Developer Community portal.

For more information about domains and URLs, see Getting Started in the DEVone Developer Community portal.

Before You Start

Before you can start using the Business Data API, you must set up a user permission, generate an access key, and follow the registration and authentication process explained on the developer portal. Required permission:

  • Entity: To update the business data API, you need the Search & Playback > APIs > Update Business Data permission.

PUT ContactID

For a closed interaction, update the existing business data field information for all the segments available for the given ACDContactId.



Unique identifier of the ACD contactId for which to update the business data values.