Plan Your Quality Management Strategies

Quality Management (QM) is the process an organization uses to measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency of the service provided to customers. In a QM process, supervisors/evaluators listen to interactions and evaluate the quality of those interactions using an evaluation form.

When you build your QM strategies, the goal is to build a quality program that drives business success.

Here are some key guidelines for defining your QM process for your organization:

  • Establish a strategic vision: Gain executive sponsorship and leverage their strategic vision to ensure that quality metrics provide insights into key initiatives.
  • Assess current program: Develop a deep understanding of how the current quality program works. How agents, supervisors, and managers feel about the quality.
  • Establish new quality guidelines: Assemble a Quality Council who represents peer ideas, provide positive feedback, and clearly communicate the quality message for new changes.
  • Design a new form. Use a clean slate approach to a quality form design, ensuring that the possible components pass the assessment test:
    • Support the strategic vision.
    • Provide actionable and objective metrics and coaching points.
    • Drive positive business and customer satisfaction change.
  • Communicate change utilizing multiple channels.
  • Motivate and engage employees in constant improvement via coaching.