Migrated Calls

This product is in controlled release (CR) and not yet available for everyone. If you are not part of the CR group and would like more information, contact your CXone Account Representative.

Migrated Calls allows the customer to migrate historical call data from various sources into CXone. This simplifies data management by placing all calls in a single platform, enhances user experience, and decommissions on-premises infrastructure.

This feature is available if you have the Migrated Interactions Upload license, and Admin > Recording > Upload Migrated Interactions permissions.

Supported Environments

Migrated Calls supports data extraction from the following environments:

  • NICE Playback Portal Generic DB

  • NICE Uptivity

  • Third-party recording systems, including: Verint, Genesys, Calabrio, Witness, Red Box and Avaya.

  • Additional vendors may be supported, requiring approval on a case-by-case basis, depending on the data (users, metadata, media) format available.

Importing Users

Users are imported in a three-step process:

  1. Exporting users from both the legacy system, and CXone.

  2. Merging users from the legacy system and CXone.

  3. Importing the merged list of users to CXone.

General Guidelines for Importing Users

  • All users require a valid email address.

  • Teams are not automatically synchronized with CXone. Teams are uploaded using the Bulk Employee Upload tool, found in the User Hub portal.

  • Only calls that contain a valid user in User Hub are imported into CXone.

Migrating Metadata and Media

  • Metadata is migrated as JSON or ZIP archives of JSON.

  • Migrated metadata is converted to the appropriate CXone format.

  • Migrated interactions are marked with a unique CXone identifier.

  • All media files can be migrated in parallel, with no dependency between them.

  • Recordings are searchable under the Migrated Interactions tab, in the Interactions application.

Importing Business Data

Migrated Calls imports up to 50 business data fields (35 fields with text values, 10 fields with number values, and 5 fields with Boolean values).

The Advanced Services Group (ASG) extracts the business data field names listed in the migrated recording system and transfers them to CXone. Once the business data field names are configured in CXone, ASG imports the data into CXone where it can be viewed in the Interactions application. For more information, see Business Data. section in the CXone online help.


Migrated Calls are searchable and playable from the Migrated Interactions tab, in the Interactions application. For more information, see Migrated Interaction: Search and Playback.

Not Supported

  • Migration of screen recordings and digital interactions.

  • Migration of QM data (Evaluations, Calibrations, Scores).

  • QM/IA processes for migrated data.