My Profile

In My Profile, you can access your user and account information. You can also generate access keys and manage your accessibility settings. You can access My Profile from any page on CXone.

The General tab in My Profile contains your user information including your email and username. The email and username don't have to match. If they don't match, then pay special attention to which email address is listed as the official account email. CXone may send important messages to this account.

Generate Access Keys

The Access Keys tab in My Profile allows administrators to generate new access keys. The keys that administrators create in My Profile provides access to their permissions.

Access keys give the user access to different parts of CXone. Each access key comes with two parts, the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. When the user enters the Access Key ID into the system, it is matched up with the Secret Access Key held by CXone. If the two parts match, then the user is granted access.

  1. Click Profile in the right corner of the CXone top navigation bar.

  2. Click My Profile from the drop-down.

  3. Click Access Keys. Click Add access key.

  4. Copy the Access Key ID and paste it somewhere you can save it.

  5. Click (SHOW SECRET KEY).

  6. Copy the Secret Access Key and paste it where you want to save it.

    You can only view the Secret Access Key while you are in the My Profile window. Once you exit the window, you will no longer be able to view the secret key. You need to have both parts of the access key in case of system failure. If you ever lose the secret key, you'll need to create and share a new one.

  7. Click the toggle in the STATE column to activate or deactivate the access key.

  8. Only share the Access Key ID with users that you want to share permissions with. Do not share the Secret Access Key.

Configure Toast Message Duration

In the Accessibility tab, you can adjust the length of time that toast messagesClosed Toast messages are small, temporary pop-up messages on the bottom of the screen indicating things like errors and successes. They are built-in to CXone functionality and can appear on any screen. appear on your screen. This can help you if you need more time to find and view toast messages. You can set the display time to show toast messages anywhere from one to ten seconds. The default display time is three seconds. If you hover your mouse over the message, then it will display for up to 30 seconds.

  1. Click Profile in the right corner of the CXone top navigation bar.

  2. Click My profile from the drop-down.

  3. On the Accessibility tab, click and drag the marker to set the toast message display time.