IVR Logs

Content on this page is for a product or feature in controlled release (CR). If you are not part of the CR group and would like more information, contact your CXone Account Representative.

IVR logs are a type of Data Streams that tracks the interaction of the caller with the NICE CXone ACD IVR system. IVR serves as an inbound interaction using Studio-generated IVR script(s). This information is helpful for analysis and reporting of IVR interactions. IVR log streaming can publish this event data in near-real-time to subscriber-owned streams such as AWS Kinesis.

Key Facts About IVR Logs

  • IVR log events are available in AVRO, Protobuf, and JSON formats.
  • Events are published to Data Streams without a schema, so you need to have access to the schema to parse them.
  • IVR log streaming supports stable schema evolution, where updates are handled on a subscription basis.
  • Once the subscription is created using schema, updates to schema do not affect the existing subscribers. Subscribers can choose to adapt to the new schema without breaking the existing infrastructure as the new fields are introduced as optional fields.
  • You can create subscriptions based on your requirements.

  • You can choose to subscribe all your IVR log events to a single stream or multiple streams segregated by point of contact Ids.

  • A single-call interaction is represented by multiple IVR log events, such as call answer and call redirect.