Personal Connection in MAX

Personal Connection is an outbound dialer that can dial multiple simultaneous calls and connect you to a call before the contact answers.

Use Personal Connection

  1. Update your stateClosed The availability status of an agent in the Agent State bar in one of the following ways:

    Ask your supervisor if you are uncertain which state to select.

  2. If your administrator configured preview dialing, a window appears notifying you that the dialer is going to place a call. Depending on your administrator's settings, you may choose from the following options:
    • Accept — the dialer initiates the call immediately.
    • Requeue — places the call back in the queue
    • Snooze — delays the call for the amount of time your administrator chose.
    • Reschedule — enables you to schedule a time for the dialer to place the call later, either for you or to any available agent.
    • Disposition — enables you to apply a disposition to the record without initiating a call to the given destination.

    You must perform one of the available actions before the counter in the top right corner of the preview window reaches 00:00.

  3. If the call you received is a fax or answering machine, click the Fax Machine or Answering Machine button to dispose of the call quickly.
  4. If you do not have preview windows pop up for each call, MAX dials as many contacts as your administrator has configured. While dialing, you can review some information about the contact most likely to answer.

    When a contact answers, they are delivered to you. If more than one contact answers, they are routed to other available agents.

    If the call you received is an answering machine, you can use the Answering Machine button to dispose of the call quickly.

  5. When you are finished with the call, click Hang Up before disconnecting the agent leg or hanging up your phone.
  6. If applicable, apply a disposition after the call ends. You may see a red timer labeled ACW counting down the number of seconds you have left to apply a disposition.

Reschedule a Personal Connection Call

If your administrator configured preview Personal Connection dialing with the Reschedule button available, you can reschedule a call from the preview window. The Personal Connection dialer tries to initiate the call again at the date and time you select. This call is delivered to you as a callback which looks similar to any other inbound call with only a few differences. There will be a marquee message displaying the callback number which will only appear for five seconds, but can be viewed again by going to agent messages.

  1. When the preview window appears, click Reschedule.
  2. If you want to call the contact at a different number from the one that appears in the phone number field, modify it.
  3. Specify whether you want the dialer to deliver the call to you specifically or to anyone who is available in this ACD skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge when the scheduled time arrives. The default is Me.
  4. Specify the date and time you want the dialer to attempt to call the contact. Set the time zone to the one you had in mind when you chose the date and time to ensure that the dialer attempts the call at the correct time.
  5. Type any notes you have about the scheduled call in the Notes field. This can be helpful to remind yourself or another agent of information about the contact.
  6. Click Save.