Handle Digital Channels Interactions

Digital Channels is a native SMS channel that allows you to handle inbound and outbound SMS interactions (text messages) through Agent for Salesforce. Sending and receiving Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) content, such as videos or images, is not currently supported in CXone SMS Messaging.

  1. Click Accept to see an incoming SMS message. The application automatically produces a new contact record.

    If you want to, click Popout (indicated by a rectangle with an arrow icon) to send the SMS to a new window.

  2. Draft your reply in the Enter message here field and click Send.
  3. If you are handling multiple SMS interactions, use the menu icon in the upper right corner to toggle between interactions. Pay close attention to timing indicators so you don't leave a contact waiting for too long.

  4. If configured by your administrator, complete the task that populates in Salesforce regarding the contact.

You can click Load history to see previous SMS interactions with the current customer.

Launch an Outbound SMS Interaction

  1. Click New.

  2. Launch an outbound SMS interaction using the address book or dialpad.

    • To use the dialpad, click New > SMS. Enter the phone number you want to message, select a skillClosed Used to automate delivery of interactions based on agent skills, abilities, and knowledge, and click SMS.

    • To use the address book, click Address Book. Locate the entry for the person you want to call and hover over their phone number. Click SMS.

      If you have only one skill assigned to you, the SMS interaction automatically launches.

      If you have more than one skill assigned to you, the skill list will pop up and you must select a skill before the interaction launches.

Take Notes During An SMS Interaction

  1. While handling an SMS interaction, click Show Contact Details. Use the Name drop-down to select any associated individuals, such as a contact or a supervisor. Use the Relates To drop-down to select any associated accounts, cases, or opportunities. You can also click on any related tab to add it to the Relates To field.

  2. To add a disposition, select one from the Disposition drop-down.
  3. To adds tags, use the Tags drop-down to select the tag.
  4. Click within the Notes field to enter your notes. Lightning Agent for Salesforce saves the notes when the interaction ends.

Use Quick Replies During an SMS Interaction

Use quick replies in Agent for Salesforce to send fast, generic responses to customers during an SMS interaction.

  1. Click Show Quick Replies.

  2. Select the appropriate quick reply from the drop-down list.

  3. If prompted, replace variables with specific information.

  4. When the quick reply appears in your SMS message, modify it if necessary.

  5. Click Send.